Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ahhhh! Summer has arrived

in Kansas and it is very hot!  Maybe that is why my newest layouts were Christmas related, thinking it might cool me a little by catching up on the last three years of Christmas photo cards that we received each year.  

I love these cards and hate throwing them out, or just sticking them aside and never really looking at them again....they are wonderful reminders of how our family and friends change from year to year.

As you can see, the first layout if from very special since this was my granddaughters first Christmas.  Ava was only 10 months old and has brought so much joy to our family....a true blessing from God. 

I added the "Peace on Earth" card, loved all of the little people and thought it went well with the other photos. 


My last layout is from 2012!  I am now current
with my Christmas photos.....wish I could say the
same about all of other photos!  

Thanks for stopping by and I hope it cooled you 
just a bit!  



  1. Great pages Carolyn!! I think we all need some Christmas pages to help cool down, from this hot weather!!

  2. What a great idea fpr your cards!!! I always keep mine, especially the photo ones! Also, my brother is stationed at Fort Riley in Kansas!

    1. Thanks, Kelly! Your brother is stationed in a very pretty part of Kansas, more hills, trees, & moisture than we have out west.....I am 7 hours away, but love to visit that part of the state!

  3. Wonderful idea to use photo cards. Well done in completing three years.

  4. Well done, Carolyn. These are all fabulous collages!