Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Inspired Blueprints | Sketch 88

Imperfect Photos Scrapped

 I attended my monthly crop this past Saturday, determined to finish a 2 page layout with photos from 2001.  It was a very quiet crop with only myself and one other scrapper attending, the others ladies were too busy.  My scrap partner for the day is a mother of four young children with no time to scrap at home.  She also doesn't have any extra space for a designated scrap room...the house is full to the brim. Her hubby is a jewel, insisting that she needs her monthly scrap/girl time, staying at home with the kids while she scraps.  We both had a very productive day.

The photos that I took to scrap were of my youngest daughter, Raegen, and some her friends & their dates before the yearly Snowball Dance.  I knew the photos are not very good, but wanted to get them scrapped to add to her album.  

Funny thing, I have had these photos on my desk for quite some time, waiting for inspiration, and, or, motivation to get them on a layout.  Well, the inspiration came in the Weekly Challenge at ClubCK for the week of April 7-14, to scrap imperfect that are blurry, too dark, too light, weird shadows, etc.  I laughed when I read the challenge, knowing instantly which photos I would be using for the challenge!  The red eyes, closed eyes, some people not looking at the camera.....well, they certainly fit the description of "imperfect photos"!   

The photos were taken with a film camera that belonged to my daughter.  I had often thought that I would scan the photos and correct the red eyes.....but, never took the time.  I decided to go ahead and scrap my "imperfect photos" for the ClubCK challenge.  I used sketch #88 from Inspired Blueprints, adapting it from the original single page sketch into a two pager.

I still need to journal on this layout but will have to wait until I visit with my daughter.....some of the girls dates for the evening were from out of town and I need names before I can finish, sure hope she remembers!  

For the year of 2013, I have challenged myself to catch up on layouts for my two daughters' high school albums.....I am getting closer!  Two layouts down, more coming!


  1. Beautiful page Carolyn! Imperfect photos, perfect memories! Love that paper!

  2. Fantastic use of those imperfect photos, I know what a challenge that can be! Fabulous layout!

  3. You really turned this sketch into a two pager with such ease...and so beautifully. Well done Carolyn.