Friday, June 6, 2014

Scrapping Again!

It took me a few days to get back to my scrapping after arriving home for the summer.  My granddaughter, Ava, spent three days with Grandpa & I before we headed back to Wichita to attend the state track meet this past Friday & Saturday.  Ava & I had fun doing girly things while Grandpa was a work.  We spent one morning getting a pedicure & manicure....she loved it!  One evening while fixing dinner I discovered she had taken all of my shoes out of my closet and had them lined up the living room.  She said she was having a "fashion show" and ask if I was going to watch.  Ava has a wonderful imagination and I enjoyed listening to her play on her cell phone, which, of course, isn't real.  She kept saying that she was talking with he boyfriend, they were getting married and he was going to buy her wedding dress and flowers!  We played dress up, school, day care, board games, cards, and golfed with Grandpa.   After spending three days with Grandpa & Mimi, she was ready to be home with mommy, daddy, and Grayson.  

My layout is of Christmas Eve 2011.  The photos were taken before our family attended Christmas Eve services.....such cute photos! Since finishing the layout, I added several snowflakes & journaling strips, knowing it needed more elements. I will take another photo when the sun is shining!  It has been cloudy here all day, ending the day with a downpour of rain & hail.  We desperately need the rain and pray this is the end of our drought!   

Supplies-BG Carte Postale, SS Handmade Holiday, MM Multipack Noel, SS Card, EP Chipboard, and Cricut Cuttin' Up Font.

I have to admit this week has been a little hard for me.  I retired in December, started caring for my grandson, Grayson, in February and am now at home for a couple of months until school starts for Raegen in August.  I have worked since I was 12 or 13 years old, either helping my parents at home with my younger sisters and brothers, or working at my parents business.  They owned a 24 hour Shamrock Service Station & Cafe.
Since I have worked for so many years, being at home is very different for me.  I am determined to scrap daily, work out, take care of my flower beds, visit friends and spend time with Ron.  He is enjoying my home cooking since he doesn't cook much when I am gone.

Wishing all of good weekend.  God Bless.


  1. In totally understand that it must be strange to get into a new routine. Enjoy your summer...I could never leave my husband for longer than 5 days :-)

  2. Love your cute Christmas layout, Carolyn!! And such adorable photos! Glad to hear you had so much fun with your granddaughter, annd hopefully you can settle into a comfortable, stay at home schedule, soon!!