Saturday, April 9, 2016

Hello!  I am back to share more Ava layouts....getting so close.  I scrapped most of these layouts over a month ago, just now taking the time to update my blog.  I have more to share but didn't want to overload this post, I will share the others later.  
Scrapped 2-5-16 from photos takes in December 2012.

Scrapped 2-5-2016 with photos from July 2013.

Scrapped 2-6-2016, photos taken June 2013.

Scrapped 2-20-2016 from photos taken in May 2015.

Scrapped 2-20-2016 with photos from August 2013.

Scrapped 3-14-16 with these adorable photos from January 2013.

Scrapped 3-15-2016, photos from February 2013.

I love scrapping for Ava and sincerely hope to get caught up.  I know that most scrapper's say that you never catch up......but, I would love to at least be closer and maybe only be a few months behind. Ava and I had a fun day today with pedicures and manicures....she doesn't get a complete mani and pedi but loves going along.  We went out to lunch after being fun and wonderful memories.  I feel very blessed that Grandpa and I live so close and get to see our family daily.

Wishing all a wonderful weekend.  

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  1. Hi there Carolyn, it is so good to see another of your your two page layouts...Ava is gorgeous.