Friday, March 28, 2014

Mimi & Ava!
My newest layout was scrapped a couple of weeks ago...just needed a couple of additions.  I also took a week off to spend some time at home with Ron during Raegen's Spring Break from school.  

It was good to be home for a short visit and spent some much needed time outside in my yard.  The flower beds were needing a good cleaning, along with the tumbleweeds that had blown in with the strong winds.  Ron had cleaned out the tumbleweeds several times, thought I would give him a little help.  Although it has been very dry the past few years, with little, or, no rain,  the weeds still grow!  Then the winds blows.... and, here come they come!  Cleaning out tumbleweeds feels like a never ending job and it looks terrible if they are left, they will also smother the tree and shrubs.  

Ava came home with Grandpa & Mimi on Sunday for a short visit before mommy, daddy, and Grayson came to visit on Tuesday.  They only stayed a couple of days before Heath had to go back to work, which gave Ron & I a few days together.  Saturday evening we went out to eat at the new Pub in town and then walked next door to see "Monument Men" at our beautiful historical theatre.  
I still have a few layouts to finish before I can actually say I am finished with Ava's second year album.  I am trying to be selective in which photos to scrap and which ones to add to the photo album....I am getting better at making these choices!  

Wishing all a great weekend.  God Bless.


  1. Glad you got to spend some time with your hubby. Your 2pager is gorgeous. I love how the circles bind it all together.

  2. She is such a cutie!! And I love her Hello Kitty!! :) This is such an awesome double page layout Carolyn, and I love the energy from the fun circles in the background!

  3. When page requires multiple photos or when you are looking for double page inspiration your work is a great source! Always love your neat design and how you incorporate everything from photos to colors, embellishments and papers. Well done Carolyn!