Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sorting & Packing!

I am finally posting a layout that I started before Christmas and finished a couple of weeks ago.  We spent Christmas & New Year's with the girls' & family, spending almost three weeks.....thought maybe we were wearing out our welcome!  Ron & I had discussed coming home for a few days, paying bills, and then going back when baby arrived.  Well, the day we were thinking of leaving, baby decided it was time!

Our grandson, Grayson Douglas, was born on January 6 at 11:52 & baby are doing good.  I stayed for a week to help with Grayson and am very anxious to be there for good.  

 I have been getting ready for my partial move to Wichita.  I say "partial" for the fact that Ron will be staying here until our house sells and will continue to substitute teach and work for the lawn service for another season.  He will probably visit all of us every two or three weeks until the lawn care service gets busy for the summer.  Their season starts in March and last until late November, sometimes December.

I have been sorting my scrap supplies, sorting books (mine & hubbies), going through Christmas/Halloween decorations, sorting clothes, etc.....this is hard work!  I am trying to go through the whole house in case we finally get the house sold while I am gone.

Ron and I took down a load this past week and we are ready to leave tomorrow morning with the last load for now.   I certainly have missed having my scrap supplies and will be very ready to get them out again.  Since I couldn't scrap yesterday with all of the cold weather and snow, I printed photos to scrap later!   

Although this move was something that Ron and I discussed and prayed about for quite some is going to be hard on both of us.  The hardest part of my move is being apart of each other after 42 years of marriage....yes, it was his choice to stay, but I will miss him dearly!  I pray that it won't be for very long!  I am thinking we will have to plan "Date Nights" on the weekends he is in Wichita.  

Hope to get back to blogging more often after my move!  Wishing everyone a blessed week!


  1. Love your page. I hope your house sells quickly so that the two of you can be together again soon.

  2. Such a cute layout, Carolyn!! Love the stars and the fun photo strip!!

  3. I just want to thank you for always leaving such sweet comments on my blog xxx