Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Precious Memories

Ron & I spent Labor Day weekend visiting Raegen, Heath, Ava, and special to be able to spend time with our family.  

Since we had the day off on Friday, we drove down Thursday after work.  We arrived too late to play with Ava, she was already in bed.   Grandpa wanted to take Ava to the zoo early Friday before it was too was still very hot!  This was actually only the second time that Grandpa had been to the zoo with Ava, the first time was at the Topeka Zoo when she was only 6 1/2 months old.  Grandpa & Daddy have been busy golfing during our previous visits to the Sedgwick County Zoo the last couple of years, silly boys!  Ava loves her Grandpa and was happy that he was taking her to one of her favorite places!  She definitely has her favorite animals that she likes to visit and those that she doesn't care to see....didn't like it when Grandpa wanted to see the penguins!  She likes to feed the sheep and goats, as long as they don't get to close.

Getting too close for comfort! 

Grandpa saved the day!

Painting the barn....with water!

It didn't take long before the heat was getting to all three of us so we stopped for a drink and snack before continuing with our tour.  It was fun to discover that Ava likes to visit the reptile exhibit, maybe because it is cool inside and a nice relief from the heat.  We also visited the tigers and viewed the new baby tiger & his mother through a video that had been set up in the vet nursery.    

Grandpa offered to take us to lunch at the mall.  A great place to cool off, eat lunch, and let Ava play in the children's play area and ride the assortment of rides.  

Riding in the back with the honey bear!

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  1. There is seriously nothing as precious as time spent with the little ones. We are blessed.